Branding is about influencing what people think of your brewery and your beers, and that's what makes rebranding an extra challenge: you're trying to change what people already think about you.

Consistency is good, but doing the same thing over and over for years, is eventually going to make your brewery's entire brand go stale.

Wear the same color shirt and shorts everyday for 10 years and you'll see what we mean...

What is a Rebrand?

It's when you step back and look at your brewery through the only lens that makes everything clear: your original reason for starting a brewery.

Starting there, you rediscover who your customers really are and how you make life a little better for them.

You look at ways your messaging, logo, packaging, marketing materials and customer experiences are strengthening or weakening your brewery's brand and set a clear plan for bringing everything in line.

Rebranding helps you compete with the new guys without losing your soul.

It brings sharper focus to your entire operation while opening new opportunities and making you aware of ones that are already there...Belgian IPA's anyone?

Not all brands need a full overhaul though, especially those who would face a serious backlash from long-time customers. But even if your brand has taken on a life of its own, you can "rein in the child", making it clearer and easier to market.

Refreshing your brand with a well-chosen font, an updated packaging style or a clearer message could be all you need to strengthen your brand and improve sales.

Which one is right for me?

  • Your brewery has seen a serious drop in sales
  • You feel disconnected from your core customers
  • Your core customers have changed
  • Your marketing is based on what sounds good at the moment
  • Your brewery's reputation isn't what it used to be
  • Brewery sales are slipping
  • Your customers don't seem as interested or engaged as they used to be
  • Your brand and marketing assets are scattered
  • Most of your marketing has been DIY up to this point

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